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Help sex-worker’s daughter attend NYC college!


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Hello! My name is Sandhya and I am 20. I am a student, an actress, a traveler, and a dreamer. But more important than all that is that I am my mother’s daughter – and my mother is a sex worker. I grew up in Kamathipura, Asia’s most infamous red-light area. And despite all this I just received admission to an amazing college in NYC, and a big scholarship!! 🙂 But the scholarship won’t cover everything, so I’m trying to raise the rest of my tuition online. Will you help me get to university?

As a dark skinned girl growing up in the red-light area, mainstream society always told me I can’t have big dreams or I can’t achieve big things. If I tried to fit in with others, everyone said I don’t deserve to play or learn with “normal” kids. Society taught me very early there are so many things wrong with me, and it took me years of therapy to unlearn these things. Sadly, this discrimination still happens to millions of Indian girls – but I want to help those girls to love themselves again!

Everything changed in 2014 when I entered Kranti, which empowers girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas to become agents of social change. I got therapy which helped me heal, grow, and love myself. Now, I have BIG dreams! Because my favorite thing in Kranti is theater class I always loved theater but only for fun. At Kranti I learned theater can be for social change or it can even be therapy. Now I want to go to university so I can become a therapist who uses theater in marginalized communities.

Just like a teacher touches hundreds of students in their career, therapists also touch and heal thousands of people. But in India this is not enough – I want to reach 10K or 20K! In university I want to study both psychology and theater and combine them to become a theater therapist. Then I want to go back to India and use theater to help untouchables, migrants, sex workers, and others, to heal and to fight for their rights. But first, I must GET to university! Will you support my education??