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What does “Seva” mean?
Seva is derived from Sanskirt, meaning ‘service.’ Seva is the selfless service of others, performed without any expectation or reward.
What does Team Seva do?
We mobilize resources to improve the lives of children in India’s most underserved communities. We do this by partnering with proven NGOs on the ground that facilitate projects and resources with continuous real time updates.
Which underserved communities does Team Seva work with in India?
In the near future, we’re focused on supporting the numerous communities located in two distinct regions of India, Gujarat and Punjab. The projects in Gujarat are situated in the largest slum in the entire state around the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. We also allocate resources for education in the communities surrounding Chandigarh situated in the larger state of Punjab.
How is Team Seva funded?
We’re funded by friends, family, and supporters who believe there is good in the world.  “Friend”raising is what we like to call it.  We are also setting up a platform that will facilitate corporate matching and serve as an avenue for social responsibility for small to mid-size companies.
How is my donation utilized?
Currently, 100% of all donations are sourced to projects on the ground. There are no administrative fees or other expenses deducted prior to sourcing projects. In the future, as Team Seva expands, a small portion of donations may be allocated to administrative work.
Is my donation tax deductible?
Team Seva is a 501(c)(3) with the IRS. We are an established non-profit with all of the proper filings in place. Currently, we are waiting for the IRS to stamp the final paperwork hopefully by August 1, 2014. Once stamped, all donations received after April 1, 2014 will be tax deductible.
What proportion of donations is used to fund administrative needs?
Zero. Team Seva officers do not collect salaries and volunteer their time and resources. All we collect are bright smiles and big hugs.
How can I get more involved? How can I volunteer?
Email us at to learn how you could become more involved. Subscribe to our newsletter and learn more about our upcoming service trip in December 2015. Reserve your limited spot today!
Can I send clothing, books, materials to these communities?
There will always be a need for additional support. Email us to learn more on sending materials directly to specific communities.
Is Team Seva affiliated with a government or religious organization?
Team Seva is not affiliated with any other organizations. We are, however, supporters of other organizations such as: Manav Sadhna, rHope, Empty Hands Music, and more.
What is the qualitative difference in life for underserved children in India vs. here in the U.S.
In the U.S., underserved children are guaranteed public schooling and assistance from other government sponsored programs. In India, however, children do not have the same opportunities to access a quality education. Many of these underserved children come from families that have not been educated and whose parents may be from a low caste, which adds a barrier to schooling and even social acceptance.
What major challenge in service or assistance does Team Seva intend to address?
Team Seva works to improve the accessibility of education for underserved children in India by providing resources and support to NGOs that are working to educate and care for these children.