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To break the cycle of poverty in India’s underserved communities by empowering children with education.

Guiding Principle




Manav Sadhna
Manav Sadhna is a non-profit organization based in Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram in Ahmedabad, India. With the mission to “love all, serve all,” this organization engages in constructive humanitarian projects to help socio-economically neglected segments of society. Manav Sadhna’s work centers on Mahatma Gandhi’s beliefs in love, peace, truth, non-violence, and compassion.


Earn and Learn
The Earn N Learn project creates an environment for children to develop their self-confidence, creativity, and awareness. The children gather at the Gandhi Ashram after school to enjoy a nutritional snack, learn how to make beautiful handcrafted paper products, and participate in an hour-long tutorial class to strengthen their education. The project instills the importance of honesty, responsibility, helping others, and supporting one’s family.


rHope and Chhoti Si Asha
rHope works to empower artisans and provide fair trade practices for them in the U.S. rHope currently partners with Chhoti Si Asha, a volunteer-driven social enterprise based in Chandigarh, India that offers underprivileged youth and women in Chandigarh the skills to create products such as handbags to sustain their own livelihoods.


Hair Trade
Hair Trade is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering girls through education. The proceeds from donated hair are directly applied to the educational needs of disadvantaged girls in India.


Empty Hands Music
Empty Hands Music’s mission is to spread seeds of goodness in the world through selfless service, music, and love.